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Michael Ellis

His Story

Michael Ellis has made a remarkable mark through his literary versatility, engaging in twelve distinct genres of literature and achieving publication across various continents. He takes immense pride in utilizing poetry as a means of healing, employing a spirit of inclusivity and impartiality. For the past seven years, he has been actively involved in teaching creative writing within the US Prison system and the public school domain. Notably, he is the visionary behind Keynote Poets, a prominent establishment in the United States, as well as the driving force behind Marula Poets, an international network that unites poets globally, culminating in the publication of a planet-spanning anthology. Among his literary accomplishments, Michael Ellis authored the rhyming novel "Dear Oprah" while also securing a position in a feature film accessible on Amazon Prime.


Notably, in 2015, he penned a chapbook titled "They Wouldn’t Let Me Be White," underscoring his thought-provoking exploration of racial dynamics. His most recent collection of poetry, "Goodbye Langston," stands as a testament to his continued creative evolution. Ellis's literary journey took flight at a tender age, with his debut publication at the age of 17. Predicted to follow in the footsteps of his mentor, Langston Hughes, he encountered pivotal guidance from Pulitzer Prize winner Gwendolyn Brooks in 1997. Her counsel empowered him to forge his unique path, steering him away from imitation towards authentic self-expression. With nearly 2,000 public recitals to his name, his performances have left an indelible impact.


Currently, Michael Ellis imparts his artistic wisdom at an elementary school, fostering a love for theater and poetry among young minds. His global influence extends profoundly through a trilogy of poems designed for cancer survivors, including the touching "A Poem For Sharon," all of which have resonated with audiences worldwide.

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