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Kiasha Moore

Her Story

Kiasha Moore is a highly respected figure in the Central Valley and Northern California, known for her expertise as a top hair braider and celebrity stylist. With an impressive career spanning over three decades, she has become a trusted mentor and guide for young and aspiring braiders due to her extensive knowledge and experience.


As the proud owner of Cali Braids, located in Stockton, CA, Kiasha has carved a niche for herself through her unique braiding styles, artistic vision, and meticulous attention to detail. In addition to her local success, Kiasha's talents have taken her across the United States, where she has attended hair conferences, participated in competitive shows, and conducted seminars for emerging stylists. Her expertise is sought after in various cities, including Las Vegas, Sacramento, Arizona, Lod, Mississippi, and Oakland, CA. Moreover, her entrepreneurial journey extends beyond hairstyling, as she developed a highly sought-after hair cream that has gained popularity on the black market, making its way from the Bay Area to Memphis, Tennessee.


While juggling her successful career, Kiasha is also a dedicated mother who effortlessly balances her family life and business commitments. Actively involved in her child's school activities, travel trips, and extracurricular engagements, she sets an exemplary example of work-life balance. Kiasha's passion for youth empowerment extends beyond her own children, as she frequently donates her time, resources, and scholarships to programs like the Urban Heat Academy, aimed at inspiring inner-city youth to pursue higher education.


Her unwavering faith in God and her mantra, "God is not through with me yet," keeps her motivated and dedicated to improving her craft and providing exceptional service to her clients and community. Notably, Kiasha's resilience shines through as she battled and overcame stage 2 breast cancer while continuing to manage her thriving business.

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