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Making a positive difference for cancer survivors. 

Making Cancer Recovery A Reality

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the way in cancer recovery support for survivors and caregivers to help them thrive after treatment.

How it Works

In Memory of Sharon Rose: A Legacy of Hope Lives On

We celebrate seven years of Survive and Thrive to honor the memory of our Sharon Rose. In 2018, as we embarked on the planning of the second Survive & Thrive Cancer Recovery conference, we were dealt a heart-wrenching blow with her passing. Sharon's radiant spirit, unyielding dedication, and boundless passion for supporting others touched us all deeply.

Sharon was more than a driving force behind this conference; she was its heart and soul. Her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of cancer survivors was nothing short of remarkable. Even in the face of her own battles, Sharon's resilience and determination inspired everyone fortunate enough to know her. Her mission was clear: to illuminate the path of hope and healing for those on their cancer recovery journey.

As we continue this annual conference, we are proud to dedicate it to Sharon's memory and the legacy of hope she so beautifully forged. Our commitment to carrying on her legacy is unwavering, and we find solace in transforming the Survive & Thrive Cancer Recovery conference into a fundraising event. Each year, we channel her spirit of compassion, strength, and unyielding determination into creating a space where survivors can flourish.

Sharon's boundless love, infectious laughter, and her fervent dedication to serving others are forever etched in our hearts. She remains an inspiration, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, we can make a profound impact. In honoring her, we pledge to continue her work by uplifting the lives of cancer survivors. Sharon's memory becomes a beacon of hope, shining brighter with each passing year.

As we gather at the Survive & Thrive Cancer Recovery conference, let us not only remember Sharon but also come together as a community to support one another and raise funds for this vital cause. In honoring her, we honor the legacy of hope she left behind – a legacy that continues to guide us on this shared journey of strength and transformation.

Survivor Stories

Doctor's Desk

Paula McDowell

Paula McDowell is a mom, grandmother, digital marketer, domestic violence survivor, thyroid cancer survivor, recovering emotional eater, and chronic pain survivor. The key to surviving is your support system, faith, self-advocacy, and being aware of what’s going on around you and inside of you.  What you believe about your health matters. Thyroid Cancer changed my life; it didn’t stop my life.



From a young girl. I have been faced with opposition. At the age of 5, I was left blind in one eye from an injury sustained at school, at the hands of a teacher. Needless to say, the school nor the teacher took accountability for the incident. Then my beloved mother died in a car accident, I was thirteen. While healing inward and outwardly from these obstacles, at the age 33, I was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer. These traumatic events caused me to suffer with depression and low self- esteem.


LaTina Starlina

LaTina Starling, Breast Cancer Survivor, and US Navy Veteran! 13 years ago she was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer and her life would forever be changed. She served in the US Navy and during that time she discovered symptoms of breast cancer. Although her doctors did not think it could possibly be cancer, with her determination to get additional tests to rule out breast cancer the news would be divesting. Young women can and do get breast cancer. Now that she was given her diagnosis of breast cancer she chose to fight not only for herself but to fight and serve others. She joined the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network in 2013.

Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.

Our Partners

This coalition of forward-thinking corporate leaders aligns with our vision of a world free from breast cancer and thriving. Collaboratively, we drive the spirit of recovery, dismantle inequitable barriers to quality care, offer direct support to survivors, and champion the rights of those affected. With their unwavering support for caregivers, we are effecting meaningful change in the lives of individuals in the breast cancer community daily.
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